Leafy Plants That Are Efficacious For Herbal Medicine

Leafy Plants That Are Efficacious For Herbal Medicine

Leafy Plants That Are Efficacious For Herbal Medicine – If previously discussed is herbal medicine that utilizes the efficacy of fruits, now let us thoroughly peel herbal treatment with leafy plant ingredients that are indeed functioned to treat naturally.

Leafy Plants That Are Efficacious For Herbal Medicine

Various kinds of leaves from plants have become one of the natural ingredients for treatment. Not only is it easy to find, people believe and feel safer taking herbs because there are no harmful side effects on plants.

The following are leafy plants that are efficacious in healing or preventing diseases:

Celery leaves

Celery leaf is known as one of the leaves that is often used as a food supplement because of its savory taste. Not only does it add flavor to food, now another benefit of celery leaves is to be a natural remedy for healing some of the following diseases:

– diabetes
– Asthma
– Dry eyes
– Joint problems
– blood pressure, etc.


Who doesn’t know this one leaf? Water spinach including vegetables that are often consumed by the community. Vegetables that are very common in Indonesia contain high iron. So that it can be one of the herbs for the treatment of pain such as:

– Headache
– Constipation or digestive problems
– Weak nerves
– Tooth ache
– Chicken pox
– Insomnia, etc.


Gandheli is an herbal plant that is sought after by many people because it is a very rare medicinal plant. This plant is only found in a few regions such as India. This plant is very rare and usefulness is very useful for healing severe diseases such as:

– Fight the HIV virus
– Intestinal Cancer
– and also uterine cancer

Betel leaf

Betel leaf from time to time is indeed used to treat health problems. Many positive ingredients in the betel leaf that humans need such as iodine, Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, potassium, and also nicotinic acid. The content can overcome health problems such as:

– Reduces cholesterol levels
– Heal wounds
– Malaria
– treat asthma
– Prevent and treat cancer
– Treat stomach ulcers
– Oral health
– Treat diabetes, etc.

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