Natural Ingredients Used For Herbal Medicine

Natural Ingredients Used For Herbal Medicine

Natural Ingredients Used For Herbal Medicine – Herbal medicine is a traditional medicine that has existed since the days of our ancestors. Traditional medicine is a legacy for humans at a time when there was no medical treatment at that time. Human trust in herbal treatment is greater than medical treatment because herbs are used from natural ingredients from plants.

Natural Ingredients Used For Herbal Medicine

No nonsense, many people already know that plants certainly have many contents such as vitamins, potassium, antioxidants, and other contents that are needed in the human body.

Herbal remedies for healing and prevention you can apply yourself at home with a variety of natural ingredients that are easy to find. Example :


You can consume fruits because they contain rich in vitamins. Many kinds of fruit that you can consume every day such as aplukat, star fruit, orange, guava, etc. These fruits can be useful to increase endurance, blood circulation, prevention of infection, anti-cancer, relieve pain and even heal wounds or heal disorders in organs.

Herbs and spices

Not only fruits, the spices you have at home for cooking are also one of the natural ingredients for herbal medicine. Spices such as turmeric, cinnamon, black cumin, ginger, galangal and other herbs have their respective properties to overcome various health problems. The following are the benefits of spices:
– Pain relief
– Prevents immune disorders
– Kills bacteria, viruses, and fungi
– Prevent cancer
– Prevents all diseases
– Treat respiratory infections, etc.

Flowering Plants

If most people only consume ingredients that are edible, did you know that flowering plants can also be an effective herbal medicine as well. Flowering plants such as cat’s whiskers, knobs, sunflowers and yellow flowers can be beneficial as follows:

– Cure fever, cough, headache, and inflammation
– Cure asthma
– Treating diseases related to organs
– Uric acid
– Prevents muscle cramps, diabetes, and osteoporosis
– Skin health, etc.

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