Some Herbal Plants from Fruits

Some Herbal Plants from Fruits

Herbal medicine has become a legacy of ancestors because indeed from time immemorial all treatments are made from traditional recipes. Not just any medicine, herbal medicine is made from natural ingredients that do have healing properties and also make the human body healthy.

Not only herbs or spices. Fruits have also been widely believed as one of the herbal ingredients for treatment.

Some Herbal Plants from Fruits

Entrusting herbal treatments will not make you regret it. Because the content that is in fruits and vegetables that are believed to be medicine has been proven in many laboratories. Even as you know, medics like doctors also often advise patients to consume a variety of fruits, vegetables and other natural ingredients for natural healing.

The following are fruits that have healing properties:


Papaya is a fruit that is believed to be beneficial for digestion. Many people have difficulty defecating and use this fruit as a medicine. Not without reason, papaya fruit contains high fiber so it is included in the category of herbal medicinal plants. In addition to digestion, papaya is also beneficial for:

– Control blood pressure
– Relieves pain
– Anti cancer
– and also cure dengue fever.


Some people must have planted a lot of lime for kitchen purposes such as cooking. But know this fruit is included in herbal medicines to prevent all diseases such as:

– Vertigo
– Tonsils
– High blood pressure
– Kidney stones
– Sore throat
– Diphtheria, etc.


Already familiar, many herbal medicines that use the efficacy of noni fruit for treatment. The fruit does not taste as delicious as other fruit, but the efficacy of this fruit can cure diseases. The following properties or benefits of noni fruit:

– Prevents infections
– Cure flatulence
– Injury to the small intestine
– Anti cancer
– Jaundice
– Streamlining the circulatory system, etc.


Guava is arguably one fruit that is delicious to eat. The sweet taste of the fruit is very useful for healing because it contains vitamins, antioxidants, fiber and potassium. Guava fruit becomes one of the natural remedies to cure several diseases such as:

– Heart disease
– cholesterol
– Organ damage, etc.

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