Some Herbal Plants That Can Be Grown Alone

Some Herbal Plants That Can Be Grown Alone

Some Herbal Plants That Can Be Grown Alone – Many people today who are mildly ill or severely ill do hospital treatment. Because not only for an examination of what is experienced by the patient but also to get a prescription or medication from the doctor. It’s different from our parents in the past, where if they felt mild or severe pain they didn’t go to the boat, not because of the high cost but in the past the hospital was far and rare. Only in big cities.

So older people go to midwives or smart people, and usually the drugs they take are not prescription drugs from doctors but they are looking for natural herbal remedies. But it is not less visible that herbal medicine is the same as a doctor’s medicine. Before using a doctor’s medicine, in fact many Indonesian people have tried to do the treatment using herbal medicine. There are thousands of these medicinal plants.

Some Herbal Plants That Can Be Grown Alone

From a total of around 40 thousand types of traditional medicines that have been known in the world, 30 thousand are believed to be in Indonesia. However, it turns out there are only about 9 thousand species of herbal medicine that are thought to have health benefits. For those of you who want to prescribe herbal medicines but you are rather difficult to buy them or you don’t have money to buy herbal ingredients. Below are some herbal plants that you can plant yourself in front of the house;

Types of herbal plants


Galangal (Laos)







Dlingo or Dringo



Crown of God



Aloe vera and others

Herbal medicine has various effects on the human body’s metabolic system. Starting from providing analgesic, antioxidant, to anti-inflammatory effects. No wonder that many Indonesian people use traditional medicine as a way to treat several health problems, such as fever, cough, runny nose, flu, headaches, stomachaches, digestive disorders, skin problems, to insomnia. How do you already know what plants you will plant in your yard?

It is better to plant according to your needs at home, maybe if you often play online slot gambling at and often experience fatigue can grow plants for physical fitness, so you can use them well.

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